Comfort by Candlelight

Comfort by Candlelight is designed to offer excellence in ministry, and night of spiritual impact. This night has been specifically designed for the local church to be able to easily host without a huge endeavor.

(We look for pastors who realize the spiritual impact and value of an evening such as this)

Easy Cost:

There is no burden of a hefty honorarium. It is waived in lieu of a love offering. 

(The typical cost to bring Kathy Troccoli, her accompanist, and additional support team with travel –usually in excess of $6,800.00).

The average cost is 600.00—to cover travel expenses which is shared with other churches on the tour. All travel and lodging is arranged by our team. We humbly consider this amount for travel minimal compared to the far reaching and eternal impact of this outreach night.

Easy Promotion:

This is a grassroots effort. There is no need to spend on advertisement, etc. It can all be done with the involvement of your own church family.

We provided all of the customized marketing promotional materials for your event for FREE. The promotional tickets are also all provided FREE — simply print and distribute.

Church Responsibility:

By following our guide, and enlisting your church family to be involved–the church is responsible for:

– attendance appropriate for sanctuary seating

– a ticket distribution area on Sundays

– a special announcement to be played via video.
Kathy Troccoli will warmly greet your church family via video and share her heart about the evening.

– the Church is responsible for sound equipment and a qualified sound technician. Kathy’s accompanist will provide all the details by communicating directly with your technician and will arrive early the day of your event to assist in preparation.

– the church will also provide volunteers such as greeters and ushers–as suitable.

We are excited to share that many of our past hosts are welcoming us back for another evening of Comfort by Candlelight.

We hope that you’ll find it easy to choose a date. Join us in bringing this much-needed night of comfort to your church family, those they care about, and your community.

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